Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week in review

Last Monday was my dad's birthday so we went over on Tuesday to celebrate with the family. And we finally got some cute pics of the babies together. They were so funny just laying there. Anderson kept bopping Adelyn in the face and making her cry - a bully already ;)

Here are the two of them - too cute!

And all of the kids

Here are the boys. Brodie and Jackson were so cute when they were playing with Anderson. I loved it!

Here's the proud papa with the babies.

It was definitely a fun night once we got all of the kids fed and cooperating.

Adelyn is getting so big and has such an incredible personality. She's going to be a little firecracker for sure! Here is just one example of her cuteness...

And here's one of Anderson saying "rock on!"

I seriously love my family and all the cute kids in it! :)

Saturday we all went roller skating for Cody's birthday party. I'm not sure if Brodie had ever gone before but it was so cute to watch him "stomp" his way around the rink. He didn't quite get the gliding aspect of it and I loved it! I took Jackson around once before he started asking for his shoes back. He did not enjoy skating but it was only his first time so hopefully it'll grow on him! I seriously did not remember how fun skating was! I want to go back sometime soon!!

Saturday night we went to Bdubs and bowling with Emily and Steve. It was so nice to see both of them and be able to catch up. It had been a very long time! Steve has a crazy competitive streak though - it was funny! He didn't like that Aaron was so good at bowling but he was also a gracious loser ;) Sunday was family picture day and I cannot WAIT to see Jeanne's work! She always does such an amazing job. The leaves were beautiful too so I'll share the pictures with you when I can.

After we got home from pictures, the boys decided that they wanted to paint their pumpkins. It was a messy task but so fun for them.

I got to paint Adelyn's so here she is with her's.

I still need to get pics of the boys with their pumpkins. I think Aaron and I are still going to carve ours next week sometime. I really just want the seeds out of them to eat ;)

We're planning on taking the boys trick-or-treating at Meijer on Saturday. We were going to do it next Friday on Halloween but I think it's just going to be too stressful. With split parents, it's just too hard to fit everything in. We aren't taking the kids to see anybody this year - just taking a bunch of pictures for everybody. Last year wasn't fun since we were driving all over creation just to make sure everybody saw them. I said no, no, no this year. So we'll take them on Saturday and then they will both be with their other parents on Halloween and Aaron, Adelyn, and I can just take it easy.


Shannon said...

I love the pumpkin fun :) You'll have to tell me how to make seeds so I can give it a try!

It's cute to see your dad with two babies, one in each arm. Twins?? Yikes :)

Hopefully we can squeeze in one more park day, or we will have to resort to indoor play areas!

Anonymous said...

Awe Addie and Anderson are cute!! They're both getting so big. I love Adelyn's "Wud up" hand gesture :)

Yah for toasting seeds! I love fall!!

Brandi Dawn said...

What cute kiddos!! I can see the resemblance between those 2 baby cousins. CUTE!! Glad to see you had a fun and entertaining weekend! Looks like your dad is already twisted around Adelyn and Anderson's little finger. :)

I have a Halloween treat bag for the kids..I planned on getting it to you by Halloween so you didn't feel like you had to drive all the way to my house again this year! haha! I don't blame you guys for not wanting to deal with that again..i remember the chaos you had last year. :)

Tracy said...

Yay for pumpkins!! Jack was so cute at Fashion Farm. He and Landon had a great time together. We have to get them together more often.

You have an adorable nephew. What a great family!

Love ya'!

Anonymous said...

I have seriously been sitting at my desk eating pumpkins seeds ALL freaking day. My mouth is starting to get sore lol