Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lesson Learned

Do you ever have days when you're frustrated, tired, and flat out grumpy? I definitely woke up in a funk this morning. Not a good way to wake up, especially right after Christmas. Adie Jae woke up and was burning up. Fever city.

"Great." I thought to myself. Just what I need. So daddy and the boys went off to church and it was time for Adie to go down for a nappy nap. I thought, being that she's sick and all, I'd be a nice momma and let her crash in my bed for a few hours. The kids all love sleeping in our bed and consider it a huge treat. Me too. I have a great bed :)

So I lay down with her and she giggles at me for a while...

Then her feverish eyes get droopy...

Then the thumb pops in and she's out and snoring :)

Why do I wake up such a grump knowing how blessed I am to have such an amazing family?!? This little girl trusts me with her life and, for right now at least, I am her best friend. I am here to snuggle, to read books, to play Barbies, and to love on her. So thankful that God can teach lessons through a special little girl's fever.

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