Thursday, January 5, 2012


2011 was all in all a good year for the Graber family.

2012 is gonna be even better. I can just feel it.

We rang in the New Year with our kiddos after spending some QT with some of our extended family. It was a New Years filled with lots of laughing, eating, drinking, and more laughing.

That’s how we roll, ya know…

(I promise it's grape juice!)

I am terrible at making resolutions. I mean I can make them, but I never follow through with them. You would think my competitive spirit was all for nothing. I decided that I wanted to commit to a word for the year 2012.

My word for 2012 is


I am a person who likes to do things all by herself. I like to be in control.

This year I want to trust people to carry out tasks and to not watch over their shoulder or try to take over the task. Trust.

I want to trust what is said to me.

I want to trust in the Bible, not just read it and hear it.

I want to place even more trust in my hubby.

I want to not be afraid and to trust that things will turn out how God has intended, not me.

My verse of the year to go along with trust is

Psalm 56:11

In God I trust and am not afraid. What can man do to me?

Yup. Gonna plaster that all over my home, head, and heart.

And who am I kidding? I did make a resolution then.

I resolve to run five 5k races this year.

Yup... 5.

I did two last year and I barely trained for those. I can totally do 5.

I already have 3 of those planned.

Totally attainable.


Shannon said...

Do the Sunburst with me!!!! :) I love you Sarah :) Know I am one of your biggest cheerleaders friend. I say we make a resolution to see each other more this year. Love you!

Angie Deak said...

I'm excited to join you on at least ONE of those 5k races!
TRUST ME.... your legs are longer than mine. You have a disadvantage! ;)