Monday, February 13, 2012

Wherefore art thou, oh winter?

Winter is my season to hibernate.

To stay home... cuddle with a book and blanket in front

of the fire place... stay in my pajamas all day.

How in the heck is this winter half over and I haven't been able to do any of that?!?

We have been running here there and everywhere and to

be very honest, I don't like it.


I did get some crafts done.

I love me some good crafting time!

This is what I made my hubby for V-day.

Love that man.

The kiddos' Valentine cards for their friends.

I got SO many compliments on these.

I made this for our bedroom.

Please note that inside the frame is a piece of fabric, not a piece of paper.

A piece of fabric that I sewed to look like a piece of paper.

Sewed. SEWED!

I broke out the sewing machine that I have had for over a year and never used.

I was pretty dern proud of myself!

Made some cute poofs for Miss Adie Jae's room.

And that concludes this round of
"Sarah is way too addicted to Pinterest and obviously
has too much time on her hands."

I can't wait to show you the awesome things my hubby has been doing for the house!


Shannon said...

Sam received a v-day card like that from a girl in her class, so cute :)
I think I need to get proactive on all my pinterest ideas!!!

Angie said...

How am I just now reading this post???? I know it's like a year old, too!! I love the kids' Valentine's Day cards! What a neat idea!!