Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I went to pick Jackson up from the babysitter's house
Monday night after work and got a BIG surprise!
Jackson had a sheet with FOUR stickers on it for
using the big potty! Now we had kind of been working
on this at home but nothing real intense. I didn't
want to push him and he wanted nothing to do with the
potty for a long time. But that all changed this week!
Here is a picture of him taking his big boy pull ups to
Sherri's house...

He then went potty for me yesterday morning and today
he had another sheet with FIVE stickers on it!! So I
think things are looking up. I was so proud of him
and he was so proud of himself! He called Aaron right
away to tell him about the potty and how he was a big
boy. I just hope he keeps this up! He also put his
own shoes on yesterday morning...

Yes... wrong feet but he was very proud of himself
again and I don't want to be the mom that doesn't
let him be a kid so off we went to Sherri's with
shoes on the wrong feet. When did my baby grow up?!?

We've been busy planning Brodie's birthday party.
Still not sure how many people to expect so that
makes it a little more difficult but I know he'll
have fun. I think we have most of the details worked
out but if you know me, you know that every tiny thing
needs to be planned out in order for me to sleep at
night. Yes, I am just that picky. ;) We got his
birthday present on Sunday and we're giving it to him
tomorrow, his actual birthday. We got him his own set
of tiny golf clubs and Aaron is going to take him
golfing this weekend. He's going to DIE when he sees
them because he wants to golf with his daddy SO bad!
I can't wait to see him open them up.

Eight weeks exactly until we meet our little girl. I
cannot wait!! On Sunday we went to Babies R Us and
got a diaper bag and a "coming home" outfit. Aaron
picked up a diaper bag, decided he liked it, slung
it over his arm and was ready to go. I kept trying to
get him to look at other bags or to just see our other
options but he liked the one he had and that was that.
Too cute. So we ended up with that diaper bag and I
think he really did pick the best one. Now to just
finish the boys' dresser so we can move the rest of
Jackson's clothes into their room and get the baby's
clothes washed and put away. I can't believe
it's getting so close...


Brandi Dawn said...

YAY YAY YAY for the potty!!! I'm soo proud of that booger! I giggled when i seen the shoes picture! haha! Sooo darn funny. I bet Brodie will be ecstatic about his present! i picture Aaron walking around Babies R Us with a diaper bag over his shoulder! I'm proud of him for picking one out! YAY for Aaron. I'm soo happy for you! I can not wait to meet your little girl..only 8 more weeks. WOW WOW WOW!!

Shannon said...

Tell Jack it's okay to wear your shoes on the wrong feet. Gavin goes to school with his shorts on backwards more than they are frontwards :)