Friday, July 4, 2008


Happy 4th of July. Day 1 of a 3-day weekend down. Two more busy days ahead though... should be fun. I'm very excited about the air show tomorrow! Hopefully it's not too cold though... We're also taking Jackson to Black Squirrel on Sunday so that should be fun since we won't get to see him for the air show.

We found out that my c-section is scheduled for September 3rd. Only 8 1/2 more weeks!! It's a lot more real to have an actual surgery date scheduled and makes it more exciting! I seriously cannot wait to see this little girl! Here's a belly shot for everyone. I have been so horrible about taking pictures this time around.

On Wednesday, Aaron and I took Jackson out to the grave. It looked nasty out but it didn't storm thank God!! Jackson still doesn't really "get it" when we go out there. Sometimes he remembers talking about Zachary, sometimes he doesn't. Here are a few pics from that...

It was a lot harder to go out there this year than it was last year. Maybe because I'm pregnant and emotional... I don't know. But I had to drag myself to go and it was hard.

We finally got our mini van! I love it and Jackson always talks about "his" van. We definitely needed one with this baby on the way! It would be impossible to fit everyone in my little Suzuki. Brodie's birthday is coming up this next week too! He's going to be a whopping 5 years old! We're having his party out at his grandparent's house so all of his little buddies can go swimming and his party is all he will talk about right now! Well that and the air show! ;-)

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