Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am not ready to go back to work. Not ready at all! Now that Addie is sleeping most of the night, I feel a million times better and so does she. Jackson has been acting out less as well so life here has gotten easier and now I have to leave them with a baby sitter. It just breaks my heart that I'm going to miss out on so much in their lives. With Jackson, I was SO ready to go back but I also had postpartum really bad with him. But now I just have those dang bills to pay. Poo.

I took on a big project of going through all my scrapbook stuff and sorting things out, throwing things away, and reorganizing to make better use of my space. I feel a ton better about my scrapping area now and I'm ready to tackle some big projects. Shannon and I are heading up to Pages In Time on Thursday and boy do I have a list of things I need to get! I can't wait! I guess I need to work to support my shopping habits too ;)

Jackson has been saying the cutest things lately! You just have to wonder where he comes up with these things. Aaron and I have this thing that when Adelyn wakes up or needs changed we use phrases like "somebody's awake" or "somebody needs her diaper changed" and things like that. The other day Jackson saw her waking up and as she was peeping at him he says "somebody has eyes". Well I sure hope she does... ;)

Adelyn is so alert and so awake these days. I love talking to her and listen to her coo at me. She smiles all the time but still no real laughs yet. I can't wait for that day since baby laughs are my favorite! We went to Meijer with the kids on Saturday since they were having a costume contest and she won 3rd place. They kept saying how cute she was in her butterfly costume - like they had to tell me... ;) I'll post pics the next time I upload pictures to my computer. I don't feel like doing it right now.

Brodie didn't have school on Friday so he got to hang out with us too. We had lunch in Syracuse with Aaron so that was fun. We also did Spiderman tatoos which the boys both loved. Again - pics to come. Brodie has seriously come so far in the year I've known him. He started out with a lot of hate and anger towards me and it was so hard. Now he's so sweet and so caring and tells me he loves me all the time. It's hard to believe how things have progressed but I'm so glad they did.

I am not loving this cold weather. I want the 60's back. Or 70's. While I love my new winter coat, I'm just not ready to wear it! It's also a lot harder to get the kids in car seats with winter coats on and I sure didn't miss that from last year!! But I just ordered a bunting bag for Adelyn's car seat so that will be amazing to have! I loved the one I had for Jackson when he was a baby. So much easier!!

And we get Directv on Thursday. My life will then be complete ;) Ok maybe that's a little drastic but I'm beyond excited to finally have it so I can use the DVR. Our New Paris cable just isn't cutting it anymore! We're also looking at some houses right now. Aaron called the realtor the other day so we can get this rolling. Our lease is up in February so hopefully we can find something by then so we don't have to renew anything.

Life is good.


Abbaybay said...

I'm sorry you have to go back to work, but once Addie is about 2 and half you'll be glad you did, it'll be your me time. lol. I love you!!!

Brandi Dawn said...

Awww...Sarah! I'm sad that you're sad about having to go back to work. :( Reading everything else though in your blog made me happy inside though! :) I am soooo happy that YOU are happy!
I also wanted to tell you that Jackson was a SUPER DUPER great kid last night at volleyball! He was such a great kid and was sooo well behaved. He is sooo darn cute! He was such a sweet kid, he walked in and said HI and waved with his mittens on. CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I second what Bran said about the kids last night. They all played really well and were really sweet... It was funny watching Jack trying to keep up w/ Cody and Brodie running laps around the gym. He did really well! ;)

I haven't touched my scrapping stuff in over two months. Ugh, I have so much to do and don't know where to start! Have fun at PIT! ME = JEALOUS!

Hopefully the home search goes well for you guys. Lord knows there are plenty to choose from in your area. Seems like every four houses are for sale in Goshen!

Shannon said...

I am sooooooo excited and ready for PIT! I have my list made :)

Love you tons!! Can't wait to talk and catch up!