Friday, February 6, 2009

**cough cough**

How long has it been since I last blogged? Too long. We have been a house full of sickies lately and it’s not fun. Brodie had strep throat last week so we were trying to keep him at a distance from us ;) Jackson and Adelyn were both really stuffed up, as was I. Aaron, surprisingly, has been the healthiest one of us all. But I think we are all on the upswing so hopefully by next weekend we should all be fine and will be able to have a fun time! We’re having a family Valentine’s day and I’m super excited about it! Aaron and I are trying to figure out exactly what we want to do on Saturday but I think we’re at least planning on taking the kids out to eat somewhere fun and getting a hotel room so the boys can swim. Maybe Fort Wayne? Maybe Indy? Not sure yet. But I get really giddy just thinking about it!

We’re in the process of trying to find a house in Middlebury schools for rent or land contract. I’m starting to think that those options just don’t exist up there. I wish we had more options or ANY other options at this point but we are just going to keep on trying. It’s frustrating but I’m sure that we will find the house for us. I am just hoping it’s sooner than later…

Adelyn is almost sitting up by herself. She doesn’t have the muscles for it yet (blame it on her momma!) but she gets an A+ for effort! That girl ends up flinging herself everywhere just trying to stay in an upright position and it’s quite hilarious if I’m being honest ;) And you want to know the weirdest thing about her??? She loves veggies but not so much fruit. Most kids are total opposite of that but give her some yummy peaches and she will squirm and cry. Her favorite foods consist of green beans and peas. Peas = not my child!

Jackson has been the most loving kid the past two weeks and it makes me smile. Hopefully he was just going through an ornery stage and he’s over it now. All he wants to do is cuddle with me and give hugs to everyone and feed Adelyn. It’s cute. He makes me smile. And to make things even better, he’s been listening to me lately!! Like I mean he does what I ask him too. HOLY COW!! Now trust me, it’s not perfect and he doesn’t always do it with a happy heart but he’s getting so much better.

Brodie is still as cute as ever. He has such an ornery sense of humor and it cracks me up!! He and I like to pick on the other three and scare them or tease them. We have a lot of fun together!! We’ve started working on chores and allowance. If he wants us to buy things for him, he needs to earn them. Maybe he’s too young for this but it seems to really be working for him for now. He enjoys putting clothes away or helping to sort the laundry. We’re also trying to teach him how to save his money. We get really excited about his accounts and make a big deal out of his deposits. Hopefully this can stick with him for life!


"Love the life you have." said...

I hear ya on the middlebury are but yes it is hard to find anything out there even a house to buy that isn't out of the price range. I hope that you'll have luck soon.

Anonymous said...

Never too young for chores and allowance...i want to try it with Hunter too!

Brandi Dawn said...

I think you owe us a NEW post!! **Wink wink**