Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taking a break...

I'm taking a break some scrapbooking so bear with me - this will probably be on the short side as I'm anxious to get going again.

I'm so glad the holidays are over and we're getting back into a routine. I live off of routine. Brodie started school again. I'm back to my regular schedule. And we don't have plans with a million and two people. It feels nice.

Adie had her 4 month appointment today and it went really well. I was telling Dr. Fu how much she eats [no joke - 8 oz every 2 1/2 hours PLUS 2 servings of cereal a day!! Insane!!] and he wants us to go ahead and start her on some veggies to see if that helps. So feeding time is about to get a heck of a lot messier! I'm sure fun pictures are in store for you all :)

Jackson is in love with the Wii. He asks every day to play the "fighting" game, AKA boxing. He's actually really good at it and can knock me out. Slightly embarrassing but I'm proud of him and love watching him be good at something.

Funny story about Brodie. And just to warn you this is not for the weak of heart or for anyone eating right now so if that is you then trust me, you want to skip ahead and not read my story. I'm not even sure how "funny" it is but I still have to share it. Brodie started Christmas break on Christmas Eve so that was what, 2 weeks ago. Left his backpack at his mom's and we didn't see it again until Monday after school. Aaron picked him up from Grandma and Grandpa's house after work and they said that his aunt [also the school bus driver] called and said when Brodie got off the bus something smelled reallllly bad. And imagine how bad school buses smell every day. So when Aaron got there, they looked in his bag to find... are you ready for this... a leftover box from before Christmas. SICK!! But that's not the worst of it. They lifted it out and the bottom of it fell out in his bag.... along with a million worms. Here is where my skin starts crawling. Who knows how long the worms had been in there and he took this to school and had it there all day!! He had his folders in there and got in his bag for other things too!!! So the bag is now in a pile of ashes and he's sporting a super cool orange one. Buh bye Batman!

Does anyone else get easily stressed out? Little things seem to put me over the edge these days. Things that really aren't that important but just crush me or stress me out. I'm thinking about starting my happy pills again but don't want to go that route if unnecessary. I was hoping to control it on my own but I don't know... it doesn't seem to be getting better. It's very taxing on me.

Aaron's uncle had a triple by-pass on New Years Eve. He was having some pain and thought it was gall stones maybe. Went in and a few hours later was under the knife. Kind of scary to think about but I'm glad he went in when he did.

Aaron and I went out to PA for New Years without the kids. Let me tell you - it was HARD! I missed them all so much! And really, the trip wasn't all that great. I won't go into grave detail but I'll tell you that I experience more PDA than I ever have before in my life. Now I'm usually fine with kisses, hand holding, a little touching, whatever. This was hard core making out, petting, and straddling. And I'm even saving you the details of it. It was bad and it wasn't worth leaving the kids for. I did have a good time at the party we went to and met some really cool people. There were some kids there playing GH and wow, they were good. I thought I was good... on easy. They were hitting everything on expert and I felt about 2 inches tall. haha. We also got to go shopping out there so that is always fun for me :) The mountains were amazing and we had a really good drive out there and back.

Ok back to scrapbooking. I'm feeling some creative juices coming on...


Anonymous said...



But yah for a new backpack!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...we've had our names since September. One boy name and one girl name. So no worries there :) I secretly hate that Justin vetoed all my choices and the ones we chose were both his....I hated that I loved them...haha.

It's not the 0-3 month clothes I'm worried's the ones that say Newborn. When I put them next to the 0-3 month, they're smaller. Do you have sensitive skin? Is that something that kids inherit or not necessarily?

Am I being ridiculous?

Brandi Dawn said...

oh my gosh...worms...that is gross but makes me giggle all at the same time!! haha. Soo, yes!! I understand the easily stressed out dealio...HELLO..welcome to my stressed out little world! ahh! :) You know i'm here for you if you need to vent..cry, yell (but please don't hit me..i scare easily) :) Your kiddo's crack me up! They are one of a kind and i love hearing your stories of what they have done or what they shouldn't have done! he he

P.S. You are great friend and thank you for your encouraging words lately. :) Love ya!