Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our house. In the middle of the street.

Here is what I love most about our house:

-I love the marsh out back. I may not love it in the summer (mosquitoes) but it's so nice that nobody can look in our back windows and we have tons of cool animals out there. It's pretty sweet and it is beautiful.

-The room!! We have tons of room and space! We aren't all on top of each other anymore and the kids have plenty of room to play.

-Speaking of play space, I love the basement. We have an AWESOME walk out basement that holds Brodie's bedroom, a huge play area, a family room, a 1/2 bath, the boys’ computer, and my scrapbook stuff. It's my favorite area of the house!

-It has a garage!! Granted I’m no where close being able to park in it since we have a million things in there right now but there is a light at the end of this tunnel!!

-The neighborhood. As we were unloading our truck Monday night, we had our neighbor across the street bring us three pies and some chocolate chip cookies. She’s my new BFF.

Here is what I do not love:

-The paint. Pretty sure there was a meth lab going on in the house while they were painting. Not pretty and it’s going to take gallons of primer just to cover it. Ugh.

-The showers. I really don’t think the owners knew that shower cleaners exist in our amazingly modern world. It took my mom over an hour to clean one shower for us. Sick.

-The gobs of dog hair and the pet stains on the carpet. It’s sick and it makes me gag. And I am also pretty sure that poor Adie is allergic to dogs since she has developed a super nasty nose just since we’ve moved in.

I’m super happy here. I love it. I also want to brag that we had our ENTIRE apartment empty and loaded on to the truck and we were pulling out of the complex in less than one hour Monday night. I was slightly stressed that we were going to be up forever since we were moving on a week night but we had an AMAZING crew of people helping us and we zipped right through it all. We are so blessed.


Brandi Dawn said...

I am soooo happy to hear the move went smooth and that you love your new place! Now..we just need pictures! lol! That stinks that the carpet and walls aren't great, but that can be taken care of with some lovely colored paint and a steam cleaner! I bet the boys are having a blast in the bigger house! YAY!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time last Friday! Your house is super cute - even the yellow wall color you're not sure about. I liked that a lot :) he he
Nonetheless, you're very blessed and I'm happy for you!