Sunday, April 26, 2009

Livin' the good life!

Life is great right now and I'm lovin' it!

Tuesday we went to Brodie's book fair at school. I seriously love books. We bought him 3 books and one for his teacher off of her wish list. I think I had more fun going through the books than he did! But they are enjoying the new books that we can read at bed time. I really hope they develop a love for books like I had (and still have!). We've also started doing devotions with the boys before bed. I don't have a book that we're working out of but we've just been picking different passages to read. Brodie is especially getting into them. He has a million questions and I'm just blown away by his heart. He's got an amazing heart!

Wednesday we went to Brenneman to finish up the paper work and get everything in order. Jackson starts tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!! I seriously cannot believe he's in "school" already. He's so grown up... :( I'm not so sure how he's going to do not seeing his "Adie girlie" all day though. He's pretty in love with her and has a hard time when he doesn't see her. We shall see... We also met with a lady who I was planning on watching Adie. Uhhh pretty sure she was AWESOME over the phone but she smokes in the house. Sick. I will be finding someone else. I have an awesome friend Dawn that will be watching her this week and I have a meeting with another lady on Wednesday. Keeping my fingers crossed that this one works out!!

Adelyn and I also went to visit Kayla and Jaden on Wednesday. Pretty sure I hadn't seen her since Adelyn was less than a month old which also means that I had never met her cutie kid!! Ugh. Where does time go?!? So I had bought her quite a few things... some of which won't even fit him now. Dang. But it was so nice to visit with her even though our kids were cry babies. I understood. So did she. It was all good.

Thursday we signed the boys up for soccer. They don't offer many sports for 3 year olds so I was on top of it when I saw that he could play for Middlebury soccer. He was NOT a happy camper when we went to sign up and he didn't get to actually play that day. Explain that one to a disappointed 3 year old. Not easy.

Friday was the Bethany Fish Fry. Can we say YUMMMMMMMM?!? I love fish fry fish and this year Aaron's bff Brant came with his two adorable kids. So 3 adults and 5 kids. It was crazy but fun and tummy filling! Brant's wife Angie isn't so hot on fish or the smell of it so she was smart and stayed home. So we all ended up back at their house so we could see her and let the kids really play. Brodie also was flirting BIG time with their little girl AJ. AJ is just a few months younger than Jackson and Brodie was pretty obsessed. It was hilarious!

Yesterday and today we spent a ton of time outside doing yardwork. I planted some flowers and hostas that I'm pretty excited about. Promise not to laugh but I have seriously never planted a plant in my life. Ever. But something crawled up my butt this year and I've been dying to get out in the yard so we did!! We went to Lowe's last night and I'm also trying to talk Aaron into some super cute patio furniture so if you see him please ask him why we have none right now. It might help my case :) We're also planning on planting a garden. Not sure how much we'll get done this year but I'm planning on making a big deal out of it in years to come. Our grocery bill kills us when it comes to fresh produce so I'm pumped to start growing my own! Peppers and berries and beans oh my!!

The boys LOVE to help us in the yard. They argued over who was going to water, who would put the bulbs in the holes, who would use the trowel, etc. At points it got annoying and I was really sick of the arguing but when you think about it, I would rather them argue over helping than have two of them who don't want to help at all. That'll come in just a few short years I'm sure...

What else have we been up to since my last post... Aaron turned the big 3-0. We had a party here at the house for him with our amazing friends and had a great time. I really enjoy hosting things now that we actually have the space to do it. I also made him go to the doctor for a complete physical. haha. He wasn't so thrilled on the idea but hey... he's like an old man now! Plus his family history isn't he greatest so I needed to make sure he was truly surviving in there :)

Brodie got his tongue clipped last Monday. He has been tongue-tied from birth and he just now got it done. We've made him promise to not stick his tongue out at us though :) I got to stay home with him Tuesday and poor bugga was sooo sore! But he's a trooper and he's doing great now!

Easter was great. Church that morning was ah-mazing if not eye opening. It started a lot of great conversations with Aaron and myself and just last week he told me he became a Christian!! Rock on! It was something we had talked about in the past but not a lot and I knew he at least believed but beyond that... I really had no clue. So I'm very excited for him and... I seriously can't even put it into words. I'm sure you understand if you're a Believer yourself. We got the kiddos Bibles for Easter and it's super cute to walk into a bedroom and find one of the boys "reading" the Bible (aka looking at pictures).

Well I'm off to take a shower... finally... at 9:00 pm. Don't mock. I promise I worked hard today! Plus I have no voice at all. Aaron may be rejoicing slightly but I'm frustrated that no one can hear me at all today. And I'm sunburnt. It's ok though... this body needs a little color on it! :)


Anonymous said...

That's really great news about Aaron! I'm really happy for you.
And kudos for planting flowers... I am in no way horticulturally inclined. I bet they look great!

Shannon said...

This was a great catch up post :) I'm glad to hear that things are going so well. Hopefully sometime we will be able to come over and see your house and flowers!!

Yah for Aaron!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Then you probably don't want to know that right before Christmas I bought the Scrabble Diamond Edition and it has extra rules using diamond tiles instead of blank ones. SO. AWESOME. :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Mommy's wish list blog the BEST??

Brandi Dawn said...

WOW. I LOOOOVE reading your blog! I always feel soo caught up. You have such a busy life and yet still find time to fill us all in and be a great mommy too! I can not believe how much Adelyn has grown. She is such a sweetie and soo darn cute! I love that little dress on her. She is mommy's princess! :) The boys are just too funny! I'm soo happy that things are soooo great for you. You truly have a wonderful family.