Monday, May 25, 2009

Camping and gardening and tooth pulling oh my!

The last time I went camping was the fall of '96 and it was just ok... I haven't really had a desire to go back even though I've thought about it a time or two. Aaron was really wanting to go with his parents this weekend (they go every Memorial and Labor Day weekend) so I gave in and well....

I loved it.

The boys were able to play and get dirty and they had a ball. Adelyn really did great but she was ready to come home when we did. We all loved being outside and cooking over the fire. The air mattress was truly comfortable to sleep on. I love camping. Sooo relaxing and such a great time! We camped at Indiana Beach so we went and rode rides and went to the water park and played mini golf.

We came home last night so we spent today planting the rest of the garden. So. Much. Work. But I'm very proud of it and can't wait to see what happens with it. Remember when I said I wasn't going to put much faith into it this year?? Well my hopes are already up so I'm pretty sure I'll cry if it doesn't turn out ok. I really thought I could be tough too...

Adelyn has had a lot of "firsts" moments the past month or so. Within a week so was saying "mama" and "dada", crawling, pulling up on some furniture, playing peek-a-boo, and popped out her first tooth. Whew. It really breaks your heart to hear your little girl cry and it SHATTERS it when she's crying for you and calling out your name.

Jackson loves school. Loves it. I've really him grow up a lot since he's started. His grammar has improved and he can recognize most of his letters just from being there for a month. I'm such a proud momma! He had his first school program last Sunday and was Little Boy Blue. He was AWESOME at napping under the haystack ;) Here we are before his program (minus Brodie... he came with his mom)

Brodie started baseball and has been doing great! You can literally see Aaron beaming when that boy is out on the field.

He also lost his second tooth while we were camping this weekend. If you look close at the picture you'll see that he's pushing the tooth with his tongue... it was sticking straight out at us!! And we still had to coax him into pulling it. Poor thing was scared but he finally popped it out! He was pretty sure the tooth fairy didn't come to the campgrounds so we saved it for him ;)


"Love the life you have." said...

Glad to see that things are going good and that your enjoying all life's moments

Anonymous said...

Wow! Adelyn looks so much like Jack! I definitely see it!
I want to go camping so bad now! :)