Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well my heart knows me better than I know myself so I'm gonna let it do all the talkin'

I am almost a married woman! I have 2 days left of insanity before I enter a completely different insane world. I cannot wait! ;)

Everything has finally come together and it's about stinkin' time! We are having a very small wedding Friday evening and having a slightly bigger reception Saturday evening. Yup. I'm going to hog the entire weekend! We have been very budget conscious doing this wedding and I'm super proud of saying that I spent under $1000 on everything. Every. Thing. Not many people can say that! I'll get you an exact total of what I spend after all the receipts come in. Still proud... ;)

I am working at Dr. Nush's office now and I am loving it! He's a brand spankin' new doc right out of residency and is super fun to work with. He's 30 (born a month before Aaron) and him and his wife are just amazing. If anyone is looking for a new doc, call us up! You'll love him too!

School starts in a measley 3 weeks. I cannot believe that summer has gone by so quick! Brodie is going to be a BIG and TOUGH 1st grader. He's a tad apprehensive about starting school again so keep him in your prayers. He doesn't always tolerate change the greatest... kinda like his almost step momma :)

Our summer has been packed full of fun stuff! I just seriously feel like we've been on the go and I'm ready to relax. But just when we get a chance to relax... soccer practices have begun for both of the boys and school is just around the corner. Phew. I love being a mom :)

Adie is the most mobile little girl. Well back up - she's not walking yet (thank goodness!) but she's close and gets anywhere she wants to go. I think she's going to be a tomboy too. Oh man. She doesn't like her toys - she prefers the boys hammers. She screams when she wears dresses because she can't crawl as well. She freaks out when I try to put bows in her basically non-existent hair. Ugh. I'll keep working on her but man - I love that girl!

Next time I blog I will officially be a Graber. From Amish to... Amish.


Rene said...

I would love to know how you spent the money that is about how much I'd likee to spend also. I'm so happy for you, congrats again.

Anonymous said...

WOW - less than $1,000??? Goodness gracious! That's waaaay awesome! Can't wait til Saturday!

btw: Thanks for helping Mike out on his story. You were on my list of "friends with kids in school" so I'm glad he used you!

Shannon said...

Hehehehe from amish to amish...that is so funny!!! I am still so stinkin' happy and excited for you :)