Monday, August 10, 2009

You can call me Mrs Graber

I am a married woman! Finally! [again...]

The wedding/reception was everything I wanted and hoped for. It was fun. Informal and relaxed. Us.

I wish I had more pics but I'm still waiting on some so I'll go ahead and share what little I have and the stories from what made our day so amazing.

We went to take pictures at Bonneyville and the boys wouldn't cooperate. Would. Not. So I think we got 2 family pics - I really hope they turned out! But who really wants to argue with kids on their wedding day? Not me. We still had fun with the pictures though!

Back to the house. Everyone gets there and all of a sudden my flowers were missing. Hence the 10 minute hold up trying to find them only to realize Meg had MINE and hers were still in her car. Geesh!

Brodie didn't want to walk down the aisle so he plopped down in the front row. Jackson wanted to pull ants apart so he stayed in the back for a while and didn't want to carry Aaron's ring either. Can we say personality strong?? ;)

We all walk down - my dad kisses me and gives me away. We're standing in the front holding hands. I realize I forgot my vows so my dad runs upstairs to get them. Ha. It really was kinda funny!

Can you believe that I didn't cry at all? Not once!! I thought for sure I would just bawl my frickin' eyes out when Aaron read his but I didn't. I was proud of myself! ;) So my cousin (the preacher) asks for the rings and I get Aaron's from my sister and Brodie - well Brodie loses mine in the grass. Haaa. So he finally found it and then I couldn't get Aaron's dang ring on his finger. His knuckles need to go on a diet!!

Then came the family prayer. The best moment of the day in my opinion. All three kids cooperated and it was a very special and meaningful time for all of us. I can't wait to see what God is bringing our family!

It was amazing and I loved every second of it! Our reception was amazing too! So many people showed up and I seriously felt so loved! We have an amazing group of people surrounding us and I am amazed every day by it! Thanks to everyone who helped make our day wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I'm truly happy for you two. You both are a great fit for one another. Really you are!

In response to your comment: Yes it is an overload of info. I sometimes have to go back and re-read because it flew over my head the first time! No joke. But once it sinks in, I'm good. I'm only at the part where he's at the shack the 2nd day and I'm still thinking it's a dream. I'm a little weirded out still. (HOPE THAT DIDN'T SPOIL IT FOR ANYONE! EEK!)

Anonymous said...

Did you see this yet? Booyah!

Rene said...

Congrats, to you and your family. Glad to see it went well.

Anonymous said...

That's where my layout is from :)

Word verification: fecess (like feces?)

Anonymous said...

That would ROCK in your basement! Um... scrapping shelves, what!?!? :) he he

And yes... patience wildflower! I got really ansy but once they started coming, they've been flooding in! It's exciting... helps that I love getting mail! :)

Word: reinpult ... ?

Stephanie said...

HEY! I didn't realize how long it has been since I was last on here. I had some reading to catch up'm so excited to see how things have turned out for you and Aaron. You both are amazing people and I only hope and wish the best for the both of you. You have some truly amazing kids who are lucky enough to have you as parents. Congratulations on the house, the wedding and anything else to come your way. You are a wonderful person and it makes me happy to say that I know you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my... i don't know! Maybe somewhere in the code it has a "stretch to fit" place cuz that's what it looks like it's doing. Hm... otherwise, i dunno. I had some I picked through that made my stuff jack up and I just found one that didn't. I didn't want to hassle with it...

I like the layout/background though!

Anonymous said...

Sweet you figured it out! I love the layout!

Hey - wanted to share something funny w/ ya! Aaron says to me on Monday that he's mad at me... and won't say why so I got worried (wondering WTF did I do??)

And then he says I have to stop giving you ideas for things he has to build!! HA HA HA!! He was referring to the coffee table bookshelf thing! :-) He's funny. I said DO IT! He didn't like that idea... boo!!!