Friday, June 11, 2010

The horror!

Jackson, do you want to go to Chili’s tomorrow?

YEAH, Mom! I loooooove Chili’s!

Ok but I want you to know that tomorrow afternoon you have to go to the doctor to get some shots but we’ll celebrate you being a big boy by going to dinner!

No! I don’t want to get shots! I don’t want to be a big boy!

But Jackson, you’ll do just fine! I know you are a big boy and we’ll have an awesome time eating at Chili’s! You'll be so happy!

I don’t like Chili’s anymore!

Honey, you have to get shots. Every kid your age does. They keep you healthy!

I would rather be sick and die.

I don’t want you to die! I love that you’re healthy so that means you have to get the shots, Bud…

Needless to say... I won that fight. But definitely not without a battle. That kid knows how to squirm and he's a lot stronger that I even imagined! No worries though... I can still manhandle him! :) We decided to go ahead and do his kindergarten shots a year early just to have them out of the way. Who KNOWS how strong he's going to be next year, right? He. Was. Traumatized!

After the shots were done we *carefully* pulled his pants back up and I helped him hobble out of the office. Literally hobble. He asked me a few times to slow down because he couldn't walk very fast because of "the holes in his knees." The only thing that made him feel any better was eating an apple at Meijer.

"Look, Mom! The apple is healing the holes in my knees! I think I can walk better now!"

We bought a BUNCH of apples last night! :)


Rene said...

this is too cute, love it. I'm talking Alyssa this next week and I normal go on my own with the girls to the doctor but the one I made it later in the day so Chad can go with me. Alyssa said she wanted to go back to pre school cause she wasnt getting the shots. Gotta love the things they come up with.

Anonymous said...

wow. he must have a little of my drama in him :)