Friday, November 5, 2010

Mr. Jack

Jackson is a fun kid. He loves to
and Giggle!!

I took him to the doctor a few weeks ago because he had been having terrible migraines. Dr. A wasn't very concerned about the migraines but she did notice that his heart murmur was getting worse. Now some babies are born with a heart murmur and it's actually very common. Most end up going away on their own. Jackson's murmur was JUST found about 8 months ago so for it to get *worse* already, I was scared.

We went and saw a pediatric cardiologist in South Bend on the 29th for the murmur. What surprised me there was that he wasn't concerned at all with the murmur, he was concerned with Jackson's arrhythmia; an abnormal heartbeat. He sent him home with a holtor monitor (aka an Iron Man costume!!) to evaluate a little further. The results came back that it's not good news.

At this point Dr. Capanarri will be talking to an arrhythmia specialist at Riley's (I seriously didn't know such a specialist even existed!!) to see if Jackson is a case that they are interested in. So what does momma do? Momma gets online to see the options. [I work in a doctor's office and I KNOW that this is the thing that doctor's fear most because there is such a thing as TOO much information - but I did it anyway ;)]

If the specialist thinks Jackson will be managed better up here then it is likely he will be on medications. For the rest. of. his. life. He's FOUR people!

Other options are ablation, surgery, or a pacemaker. These are all extreme treatments in my book but when the doctor was explaining things to me he said "I want you to know that Jackson is not in any grave danger [long dramatic pause] yet." Seriously.

I'm okay with the extreme treatments. I'm okay with the medicine for life. I'm okay with going to Riley every day if I have to. I'm not okay with losing my Jack Jack.

Please pray for us every time you think of us. I'm struggling but I also know that God has a HUGE plan for Jackson's life and I am trying to trust in that completely and whole heartedly. Jackson isn't aware of any of this at the time because I don't feel like a four year old needs to know all the nitty gritty details. He knows that something is up because he got to be "iron man" for a day and he loved it! He was not, however, impressed with the "goop" used for the echo because "IRON MAN DOES NOT GET SLIMMED!"


Shannon said...

I will defiantly be praying, and will pass it on to friends. Love you and stay strong in God. Hugs sweet one!

Anonymous said...

Know what you are going thru. My thoughts are prayers are with you. Hopefully he won't develop any other problems with his heart. But science and technology has come so far and the future looks so very good. I will definitely be thinking of all of you as I get ready to go in for a heart valve raplacement for myself in the next couple of months or so. Don't have a definite timetable yet. But this is a result of an illness that I had when I was only 5 yrs old. And since I am now 75 I realize some things can be treated for many years before something drastic has to be done. Love all of you and will be praying for the best for out wonderful Jack. Hugs, kisses and much love from your Grandma Nancy

Anonymous said...

Definitely continuing to pray.

Rene said...

Will be thinking of you all and praying for Jack and ur whole family