Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey good lookin'

Mr. Brodie was so excited to be a part of his very first wedding! Aaron's cousin Amber asked Brodie a few months back if he would like to be their ringbearer and he was so excited! I didn't get to go with him when he got fitted for his tux so when I saw him all dressed up for the first time... woooo eeeee! He looked amazing! So handsome! We love Amber and Jason and Brodie was honored (as were Aaron and I) that he was able to be a part of their amazingly beautiful day.

Here are my super HOT guys! I love them so much!

Brodie was a HIT among the guys in the wedding party. He was everybody's buddy and best friend. They paid SO much attention to him - you would have thought he was the groom and let me tell you... he loved every minute of it too! :)

And then the reception. Aaron and I were ready to go but Mr. Party Animal was not. We ended up asking Grandma and Grandpa to bring him home so that we could go home and go to bed and I guess he danced until they closed it down. Love him.

I am so lucky to be in Brodie's life. He is such a GOOD kid with a heart bigger than Texas. This kid loves like no other kid I've ever seen! I love you, Brodie. Don't break too many hearts with those good looks :)


Brandi Dawn said...

OMG - He is gonna be a ladies man! I LOVED the pics of him dancing! Made me giggle!

Kay E. said...

OMG! Your blog is awesome. Loved the photos and your comments. You are such a cute family. Haven't seen the sweetie in months. Stop by sometime when you have him. God bless your wonderful family.