Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can you dig it?

I love being off of school for a week before my next 2 classes begin. I feel like I can actually DO stuff... like browse Etsy. Here is what I'm totally digging today.

Two of these for my bedroom, please and thank you!

So simple and so cute!I think I may have Aaron make me something like this...

Not a huge bird fan but how can these not be the cutest things ever?!?

And I adore this. So snuggly.


Anonymous said...

Is Aaron going to make you that shelf before or after he makes the table wall shelf thing we love?? Cuz if he's feeling crafty, send him my way soon!!

&& You could totally make that mug hugger if you learn how to crochet. Or bribe Tracy into making you one :)

Anonymous said...

I will TOTALLY be making that mug hugger! So cute! I have to just stay away from Etsy.... :)