Friday, September 26, 2008


So we have some exciting news - Jackson wore big boy underwear ALL day yesterday and was dry and clean the whole day!! WHOO HOO!! Let me just tell you how proud I am of him and how excited I am for myself that my diaper changing days with him are close to being over. I say close because that was yesterday and today... well today he's already had two accidents. I keep telling him that accidents are NOT a part of the plan but I don't think he gets it... But again - one full day of dryness. We're getting there.

Poor little guy has been fighting a cold or something all week though. He has a bad cough and a very runny nose. And he hates medicine. I mean HATES! I literally have to sit on him to make him take it. I really shouldn't be surprised though since I vividly remember running away from my parents and it taking both of them to make me take medicine when I was a kid - apple, tree, what???

Here he is *hiding* from the meds...

Miss Adelyn is well... testing me. She went from being the best baby to the gassiest baby and for those of you who don't know - babies do not like gas. She cries all the time and I have no clue what to do for her. We give her gas drops and those seem to help some. She's ok during the day but the evening is a really bad time for her which means a really bad time for me. I actually had to call my mom last night in tears and have her come take care of the baby for a little bit. I couldn't handle it at that point [two points for me realizing I was getting close to my breaking point, right??] So she came and did this belly to belly thing which helped Addie a ton. Her grandma [so my great grandma] used to tell her that putting a baby's tummy on your tummy would give you the baby's belly ache. Sounds a little off to me but after my mom did that, Addie fell asleep and my mom had the burps. Huh?? I don't care... it worked. :)

Tonight is my first night away from her and I'm not going to lie - I'm stoked. I glad to have some alone time with my girlfriends and I'm happy to get out of the house without one of the kids in tow. I love them both - to pieces!! But since I've been home these three weeks, I have yet to have 10 minutes away from her. Aaron loves on her and holds her and helps take care of her once he gets home but I am always home too. I haven't been truly *away* from her yet. I think I'm going to miss her a ton by the end of the night but I'm still very glad for the break.

Here is my little girl growing up already... :(

Here she is with the "startle reflex" in full gear

And we were making faces at each other here and I thought this one was super funny...

And the beloved binky

Yes... she really does sleep this way...


Brandi Dawn said...

xI am sooo happy you are sooo stoked for am I! Poor Jackson getting some sort of bug..he looks soo darn cute in those photos "hiding" from the meds! :) How stinkin AWESOME that he went 1 full day dry! YAY for him! I bet it isn't long and he'll want to be "dry" allll day long! Poooooooor Adelyn...I sure hope that this gas issue goes away FAST! Actually, I've heard of the belly to belly thing before. That is AWESOME that it seemed to work AND that your mom came over to help you last night! Praise the lord for helpers! Well..i'll see your cute self later today! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my how she has grown since the last time I saw her (a whole week ago right?) Anyway, YAY for big boy underwear! Dylan has been dry at night the last 3 times at my house so that is so exciting! Hope you have fun tonight and I'll ttyl!

Love Ya!