Monday, November 17, 2008


I haven’t had much to blog about lately. Things are going good in every aspect of life and it feels great! I can feel myself growing and evolving every day and becoming the person that I truly want to be. We’re been going through a series at church called “She is” about women and it has been an unbelievable couple of weeks. I love Jim’s rawness and openness as he talks every week. Aaron has been absorbing these sermons too and we talk about them throughout the week. That is one thing I haven’t had in any of my relationships – a spiritual connection. A desire to learn more. Together. He has been stepping up and taking on the true title of “family leader” and I can see how happy it makes him to be able to play that part and do it well. I am so excited to see where God will take our family and what he’s going to do in my life, Aaron’s life, and the kids’ lives. On WFRN this morning they debuted Matthew West’s new song “Going Through the Motions.” If you didn’t hear it this morning, I strongly suggest googling it since I don’t know how to add cool songs to my blog like Angie does :)

Aaron and I have been talking a lot about marriage. If you’re wondering, his divorce isn’t final just yet but it will be soon. Court is on Friday and then it’s just a waiting game. But we’re in the home stretch and marriage is something we both want very much. He is so afraid that people are going to judge him since he’ll just be finalizing divorced and getting married soon after. I guess I am a little nervous about that too but in all reality, he’s been separated for almost three years now. At this point, it’s just a legality. For those of you who know what Aaron and I have been through, you can just imagine how amazing it is to hear him say “Sarah, I want to marry you and I can’t wait to be your husband!” There were times when I thought I would never hear him say that. It’s amazing.

This snow is beautiful, yet I still hate it. I think I had a tear in my eye when I looked out the window this morning. Jackson runs outside and yells “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! LOOK MOMMY, SANTA BROUGHT ME SNOW!!” I told him that Santa must not have looked at Mommy’s wish list this year… boo. But I am getting psyched up for Christmas!! Aaron and I went to the mall this weekend and got a lot of good ideas for gifts. Now I just need to check out the Black Friday ads to see if anything I want is in them. Yes, I’m one of “those freaks” that enjoy getting up in the wee hours to go stand in a long line at the store. I love it and I’m slightly addicted to it. No joke.

The kids are doing great. Brodie had parent/teacher conferences the other day and got all good remarks. She said he is the most improved student so that is SO nice to hear! Jackson is getting smarter by the minute. He is a sponge right now and he’s such a little prankster! Cracks me up! Adelyn is growing growing growing! She moved up to 3-6 month clothes already and I about had a fit putting all her little clothes away. She “talks” to us all the time – I just hope she’s not telling us off already…

Oh another funny Jackson story. He told the window it was naughty this morning because it was letting the dark in. To him dark means bed time and he had just woke up. I think the windows are naughty to…


Anonymous said... :) That's how I get my music files. You're funny.

That's really great to hear about Aaron and the church thing and him stepping up. I'm happy for you. What great news!

Tell Jackson that if Santa brought him snow then he must have sold his soul to the devil this year. Okay, don't really tell him that... scary. But I'm not too thrilled about it. Bah humbug has started to take me over. I love Christmas... just not the weather. It *is* pretty, just not fun to drive in. Blech.

How's it going back at work?

Anonymous said...

Ummm when I say "scrap room" don't picture Better Homes and Gardens....

It's basically going to be a table. And my totes. Eventually I might be able to make it "cooler" but for now it's VERY basic. And actually right now it's still empty. Justin hasn't moved the table up yet...we've been crazy busy. You understand that I'm sure:)

Brandi Dawn said...

Ha! Angie's comment made me laugh out loud! "Santa sold his sould"!! Still giggling! Jackson is such a riot! I can just hear him saying that about the window/darkness and having that disgruntled look on his face. lol! I'm thinking of "Doing" Black Friday this year..not sure yet though? I really don't have much to buy for. We're buying for my niece and nephew and a gift each for our parents.

P.S. I love and I'll see you Saaaaturday! :)

Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh...YES! I was so excited!! I'm sure you'll get yours signed up soon after I did. I think they put one in everyone's kit eventually :)

I'm interested to see what's in the goodie bag they send me!