Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Wonderings

I have so much to blog about but I have very little to say. As things come up on a daily basis, I find myself thinking "I really should blog about this" but I never find a chance to. They aren't important things necessarily. Just "fun" or "unique" moments that eventually escape me if I don't put them in writing immediately. So I will recap the cuteness of my family:

Brodie - he had a blast this Christmas! He was so fun to watch open his gifts and had a smile on his face every time he even thought about Christmas. He did ask for one gift and one gift only for Christmas - Smackdown, a wrestling video game. Well Santa must not have heard his little pleas as he did not get it. He was a little disappointed and it broke my heart. We were getting ready to go to Aaron's parent's house for Christmas and an excited Brodie said "Santa didn't forget me!! I bet he brought Smackdown to Grandpa's house!!"

Jackson - he was just as fun to watch this year! As he would open his gifts he would yell "Holy Cow!! Wait a second!!" We cracked up the whole time! He's becoming a better kid by the day. We're testing out some new discipline tactics and seem to have found a couple that work better than the rest. For now at least... :) Ahh the joys of parenting. We don't let him wear pull-ups at night anymore and that has been going good so far. We've only had one accident and it was barely and accident so I'm not complaining. I'm just ready to be done with his potty training once and for all!

Adelyn - she has one of the best personalities! She will find anything she can to laugh at. She loves to smile - just like her mommy :) She's been eating like a hound so I gave in and let her have some rice cereal a few weeks early. She wasn't so sure about it so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm only feeding it to her once a day just to see if it helps out or just hurts her belly.

You know, my favorite part about Christmas is spending time with family. I've had a ton of fun playing games and laughing and eating and loving. I feel very "full" in life right now and am very excited (but nervous of course!) about the future. Today was such a relaxing day and we even were brave enough to take the boys to play at McDonalds and then shopped at Target and Meijer!!

I got some great gifts this year but I will say my MOST favorite was what Aaron got me. He wrapped up two shelves of what will be my new scrapbooking center!! WHOO HOO!! He would have done more but wanted me to have some input in it and wanted to make sure I liked how he had started it. I cannot wait! He's building it himself so it may take a while but I can try and be patient... :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a safe New Year!

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Tracy said...

Wonderful blog!! Beautiful family! Love you!