Friday, August 28, 2009

Makin' a list

If you know me, you know that I love lists. I love them so much that it's probably unhealthy. Aaron might just be jealous of them. I make lists for groceries and then re-make them to put them in order of the aisles of the store. I make lists of what errands I need to run over lunch time. I make lists of what I want to see done to the house in the future. I make lists of gifts we receive and thank you cards I [still] need to write. But I only have a "mental" list of what I want to do with ME in the near future. So here is my list:

*I want to spend more time with my extended family. Brodie, Aaron, and Adelyn have never met my dad's brothers and sisters and it makes me sick to think about. Is a 4 hour drive really that terrible? No. I need to get off my butt and reconnect with them. They are a fun and amazing group of people that I don't want my kids to miss out on!

*I want to stay home more. I know... it kind of contradicts that last "to do" item but in all honesty, I miss my nights at home. I love coming home and eating dinner as a family and doing fun "family" things. Some of my greatest memories as a kid were eating grilled cheese sandwiches and watching America's Funniest Home Videos every Sunday night. Having tickle fights with my dad on their super cool waterbed. Putting on "performances" with my sister. You know... the good stuff. I want to nurture my kids' imaginations and let them know that their home is a safe and wonderful place.

*I want to hit up a lot of Northridge sports events. I want my kids to take pride in what is, or eventually will become, their school. I want the kids to get excited to see their owe "local stars" even though I'm pretty sure Northridge will never produce a local football star ;)

*I want to pray before every meal and before bed every night. I know this really should be a no-brainer but I find that I don't pray nearly as often as I should. I'm the one that prays when something goes wrong and blows it off when things are fine. Not cool. I'm big on communication with the people I care about and I'm pretty sure I care about God more than I do anyone else so bring on the communication!

*I want to keep commitments. As most of you know, I'm usually really great at this and hate it when people don't keep their commitments to me... ;) But the boys are both really struggling with understanding the concept of once you commit to something, you have to stick with it. So my goal is to teach through example and show them that keeping commitments is a great part of their character.

*I want to love more. I am easily ticked off and I'm tired of being ticked off. I let little things [ahem - people not keeping commitments] really get under my skin when it shouldn't. I want to be able to love people no matter what and to let things roll off my back. But also to not let people take advantage of me.

*I want to be a better mom. I often times feel like I don't make the "cut" because I don't do enough with them. Having two "part timers" makes my time with them that much more valuable and I want to make the most of the little time that we do get to spend with them. I always said that I felt Zachary was God's sign to me to not take advantage of my children and to love them that much more. I'm not going to let Him down!

Ok so there is my short list. Those are things I'd like to accomplish in the very near future - as in today.


Anonymous said...

Victoria's Secret of course!!! Love them :)

I haven't ran outside yet either. Jamie runs, but I'm not ready for that yet :) Haha

Thanks for inspiring me to make a big honkin list :)

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Anonymous said...

Great list! Have I shown you my "thoughts" books yet? I loooooove it. It's my attempt at staying sane and organizing my thoughts, often random as you know.

Hey! Idea: Maybe you should COMMIT to making me a strawberry pie?

...just a suggestion. I only want you to keep to your list, is all :-)

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Anonymous said...

Yes I know they out of season... but they are still selling them :-) I just ate two today! YUM YUM YUM


A new random post will be coming soon. But I can't make any promises within the next couple days.

Currently listening to: "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" by Phil Collins. How's that for random?

Anonymous said...

Actually I finished yesterday/Thursday morning. I had only one chapter to go. But the 2nd or 3rd to last one about forgiveness really hit me. Kayla's comment was dead on. Weird! hm...

Anonymous said...

Yes! I remember that part vividly about being okay to still be mad. But the release is what I'm after. The weight off my chest. My fault is carrying around the resentment, when I know the other party has moved on. Why am I the one left with this awful feeling? I hold onto things too long, is my problem.
I have read "Day 1" of the new book. So far so good.

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