Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Makin' memories of us

Brodie and I had an incredible *moment* this morning that made me cry on the way to work. School starts late for him on Wednesdays so Daddy takes Jackson and Adelyn to school and I wait for Brodie's bus to come at 7:40 and then I book it to work. Well we were sitting in the van this morning to keep warm and we cranked up the radio and sang at the top of our lungs and Brodie pounded out some mean drums on the dashboard.

I hope he remembers this morning for the rest of his life because I know I will.

I have some crystal clear memories of my childhood. I remember laying on my parents' waterbed and hiding from them thinking that they had NO clue where I was. I remember my mom letting us "do" her hair - can you imagine the knots she had to comb out later?!?

I want my kids to have fun memories when they look back at their childhoods. I want Jackson to remember the giggles we share, the funny stories he tells, and the forts we build. I want Brodie to remember the back rubs and the silly song singing. I want Adelyn to remember the tickle wars and the cuddling. I started a new routine with them that I had with my mom when I was little - the good night words. I think I said the good night words to her until I was in middle school and was "over it." I wish I had never stopped...

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. Good night. I love you. See you in the morning!

I get so choked up when I think about the kids growing up. I pray that they will always look back on their "younger years" and remember the important moments.

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Anonymous said...

So yea, on my page, the updated blogs haven't been showing at the tops of the lists like normal. What's up, Blogger? So I am visiting everyone's blogs to see what I've missed. Grr... I had to read TWO of yours today to catch up!
We said the good night sleep tight thing and added at the end "if they do, grab a shoe, and beat em til they're black and blue." haha I swear we're not a violent family! :)