Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Niblets

I started journaling this month. I carry around a small, cute, hot PINK notebook that I jot notes in. I want to never forget the little details and when I’m gone I want my loved ones to be able to look back at all of my random thoughts.

I gained 4 pounds. Ugh. And just think… Thanksgiving dinner has yet to be consumed.

I found THE planner. Hellooooooo perfection! Snaps to Shannon and Angie for giving me tons of good advice and websites to scour over.

I applied to Ivy Tech. I’m going to get myself a degree! Finally. I’m hoping most of my credits from my old college transfer over and then I’ll just have to do my clinicals, medical terminology, and a few other classes. Maybe my expectations of it being easy are slightly far-fetched… I hope my fantasy is right though.

My amazing friend Tara gave birth to baby Peyton this last Saturday. She’s beautiful and I think the baby’s pretty cute too… ;) So maybe I have a slight case of baby fever now. It's all Tara's fault.

I love the crazy weather we’ve been having! I do NOT love dressing the kids for this crazy weather and hoping I do an ok job. Winter coat? Check. Hoodie with it? Check? Long and short sleeved tees under it? Check. The boys like to argue that they don’t need layers. I still win.

Because of the crazy weather, we [meaning Aaron of course] were able to hang our Christmas lights and not freeze our booties off doing it. I haven’t turned the lights on yet but hey – they’re up and we’re ready to rock them.

This year I have been in the Christmas spirit way too early! I usually don’t listen to music or get out decorations or anything until after T-day but I’ve had to FORCE myself to not think about it already. I have found my hand pushing scan on the radio hoping to find a Christmas jingle. Bad hand. I’ve noticed that other people are in the spirit unusually early as well. What’s going on??

We are hosting the big Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. I have the place cleaned and ready to go. I love hosting and am very excited to have everyone there. Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday so that just makes it A+.

I had a meeting with Jackson's teachers at school. Meeting with the teachers are great when the reports are good. When they are bad - ugh. I didn't cry until after we left though so I'm pretty darn proud of myself. He's struggling with making the best choices... poor kid has a stubborn streak and I SWEAR I don't know where it comes from... :/ So we're working with him on listening right away. So far so good. But at the meeting I was also told I have the next Einstein on my hands. That may not have been the exact wording they used but they did say he is extremely smart and knows his stuff. My three year old is already putting words together and learning how to read. Now momma is proud of THAT report at least!


Shannon said...

I love your posts! Umm, I have been listening to Christmas music for the last week, so go for it :)

I can't wait to spend time with you all again, but I say lets plan a momma's night out!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Are you going for a nursing degree? Or LPN? Or medical assistant? I'm assuming it's one of the three since you said "clinicals" and "medical terminology" :)

I've been listening to Christmas music too! And I'm so excited to decorate on Friday!!

Sarah said...

I probably should have specified what I'm going for... geesh...

MA. Possibly LPN but just MA for now. Thought about RN and then talked to my boss and realized that we don't hire RN's for RN pay in our offices. So no thanks to extra classes for no extra money!

What degree are you going for again? Weren't you going for LPN?

Anonymous said...

I've been slacking on my blog reading! Ah!
Good for you for going back to school. I thought you were taking classes online before... what happened to that?
I am the total opposite as far as holiday spirit this year! Maybe not having my own house has done that to me... yea I think it's that. I haven't touched my decorations yet.