Friday, December 4, 2009

Bad Momma!

I may have just earned the title of "worst momma ever"...

Last Saturday was Jackson's birthday and my baby boy turned 4... WOW! I'm still in shock over that one. Now remember, he's 4 going on 15 [or so he thinks.] Last weekend was supposed to be his weekend with his dad but due to the holidays and his birthday falling on that weekend the schedule was a little screwy and we were lucky enough to be able to have him with us the morning of his birthday before daddy came and took him for the rest of the weekend. We had our little party for Jackson at Thanksgiving while we had all of the family there but had held off on giving him the present from us 1 - I wanted to wait until it was just the 5 of us and 2 - I wanted to buy it on a Black Friday sale... hehe

So no present on Thanksgiving. No present Saturday morning since Brodie wasn't with us. We decided to give it to him Monday night. Wellllll guess what my fantastic husband found stashed amongst all of our Christmas presents on Wednesday? Yup - Jack's skateboard and helmet. Who forgets to give their kid their BIRTHday present??

So we decided then that we'll give it to him tonight since we'll have all the kids again. So guess who walks into my room yesterday and finds it? Jackson himself. He asks who the skateboard is for and I tell him baby Anderson - Jackson's favorite cousin who is only 15 months old. Jackson starts to cry because baby Anderson shouldn't have a skateboard before he does.

Ugh. I'm awful.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking tree!!! I remember when we were little we thought the tree was not going to be as big as it ended up seeming once you get it in the stand and stuff at home. The frame thing adds a good half foot or so!
And yea Eby Pines is on my list now too (I've never been there, but way to ruin the experience, people! Eesh!) So I'll remember not to go there. Ha ha