Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree

One of my top 10 memories from when I was a kid was that every Christmas we would all get bundled up in our warmest clothes, pack in the car, and head to the tree farm to cut our Christmas tree down. My sister and I would play hide and seek, we would get popcorn and hot chocolate, we would pick out the perfect tree, and we always had FUN.

This past March we moved up to Middlebury and I thought it would be fun to try out Eby Pines since I've always gone to Wilfongs in Goshen. So Saturday we got the kids around and went to pick out an awesome tree. We get to Ebys and you DRIVE through the lot to find your tree - no wagon ride - no hide and go seek. PLUS they only had two types types of scotches to choose from and I love Douglas Firs the best... So being the brat I am I looked at Aaron and asked him if we could leave. So we drove through the lot and right back out.

So off to Wilfongs we go. Eby Pines is on my naughty list! We get there and instantly I'm a kid again. I freakin' love that place! The kids go and see Santa - Adie was so not impressed and cried the whole time.

Next up - the wagon ride. Loved. It.

So we get off, walk around and look for the BIGGEST tree we could find! We finally have a living room with tall ceilings so we really wanted a 10 footer. No such luck. The tall ones that we happened to find were misshapen and just plain ugly. So we went up to the front and got ourselves a pre-cut tree. All of that to end up with a pre-cut that was only 8 1/2 but hey - we had fun, we made memories, and Adie loved the popcorn :)

A grand total of 3 1/2 hours to find the perfect tree but perfect it is!

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Shannon said...

I love it!! We have never done the real tree thing, but we said this year our fake one is going in the trash and we will do the real deal next year. I will have you call you :)

Love you!