Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Inspire me this...

So I am living in a house full of germs. Everyone with the exception of Brodie [who actually started complaining of a bellyache last night… Lord help me…] has been very ill. So ill to the point that I will spare you all the details and let your imagination do the work. And then multiple your imagination by 3 and that was my house this past week. The worst part is that the germs have not left the house yet. We are still suffering and I’m not sure that I see an end in sight for any of us.

So in my sickness, and therefore laziness, I’ve been getting really comfy on the couch and I’ve done a lot of blog reading. Hours of random blog reading and have been inspired! I got a spurt of energy and scrapbooked 4 pages in 30 minutes Sunday night. I tried a new discipline technique with the boys the other day that when they start picking on each other relentlessly I make them hold hands and tell each other “I love you.” Works like a charm and the giggles follow every single time. I wrote down a new recipe for cake that I am dying to try! I can’t wait. I have a few new things to add to my "need" list now. It's definitely my "need" list and NOT my "want" list... trust me! I found a few new coupons to print and got my ideas on how to save my cute family some more money. To buy things on my "need" list!

I hate being sick but at least I can be productful while trying not to heave. Just don't look at my dusting or kitchen floors please and thank you.

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Shannon said...

You make me want to sit down and start making lists of things to do :)

I miss you Sarah!!!