Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ok so I've been known to say stupid things at times. Very stupid but I swear that these things sound "right" in my head and as soon as they say them I wish I hadn't! I'm going strong now with two straight days of retarded moments.

Today - the doctor I work for was talking about some tests he needed to have done after being exposed to some blood. Standard protocol requires that you be tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. So as we're talking I say "wouldn't you just DIE if you have AIDS?" Um... yes... yes he probably would. I'm an idiot.

Yesterday - I was talking with some friends of mine and the wife was saying how she didn't like to tell people that she met her husband on the internet because, at least in the past, it used to be so "taboo" and she was afraid people would look at her funny. I told her that I thought it was fine because they lived close and probably would have met in real life anyway. Then I proceeded to say "And it's not like you met some random guy over in another country and dated him..." not even thinking that her husband had dated a girl that he met online from Hong Kong and dated for two years before meeting his now wife. It makes it worse because I knew that he had dated this "foreign country internet girl" and I still said it. Out loud. They were both cracking up but that didn't help my embarrassment much. Will I ever shut up??

I can't wait to see what horrible thing I say tomorrow... :/


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I do the same thing! It's those moments when your face turns red as a cherry and you just want to crawl in a hole and die!!
Like the time at work after M.J. died and we were talking about Gary, Indiana and I said "I'm scared of Gary. Just a really rough area with really sketchy people. It's not somewhere I'd get out of my car ya know??" And my black boss looks at me and says, "no i don't know, Angie, do fill me in."


Brandi Dawn said...

oh my word..i can actually picture you and hear you saying that and then it hitting you..ohh noo! ha ha ha!

Angie..I laughed soo hard when i read your comment and your story! ha ha FUNNY!!