Monday, February 1, 2010

Conversations with my children

Me: Adie, are you ready to get out of your bath?
Adie: NO!
Me: Come on, sweetie, it's time to get out.
Adie: NO!
Me: Yes, Adie.
Adie: [splashs water ALL over me then screams...] NOOOOOO!!

Jackson: Mommy, can we drive our car underwater?
Me: No, Jackson. We would drown.
Jackson: But we should be safe if we don't run into any spikes under there!
Me: Jackson, how would we breath under there?
Jackson: Those plants let bubbles go. We just need to find one of those!
Thank you Sonic the Hedgehog!

Pre-note - Aaron got a vasectomy Thursday afternoon
Brodie: Jackson and Adelyn, you have to be careful. Daddy hurt his b-sack yesterday.
Me: Excuse me?!? His B-sack?!?
Brodie: Yeah... his b-sack. He said it hurts.
Me: Brodie, where did you hear that word?
Brodie: He hurt his nuts.
Me: BRODIE!! Where did you hear the term "b-sack?"
Brodie: That's what the kids at school call it...
Oh. Wow. Gotta love public schools!

Whole family: Adie, point to your nose.
Adie: No [while pointing to nose]
Whole family: Adie, point to your ear
Adie: No [while pointing to ear]
Whole family: Adie, point to your mouth.
Adie: No [while pointing to mouth]
Daddy: Ok Adie, now let me teach you where your double chin is going to eventually be.

On a more serious note...

Brodie started talking tonight about a little girl he knows that goes to bed hungry almost every night. She's given a time limit every evening and that's the only time she has to eat and then even if she's still hungry, she has to go to bed. Children are my passion so when he told me about this, my heart broke. He started crying about it while telling us because he knew how sad he would be if HE was the one going to bed hungry every night. So our new mission as a family is to stick up for people who can't stick up for themselves. If he sees something that he knows isn't right, he it to report it immediately and stick up to the bully - whether the bully be a sibling, a parent, or a so called friend of the person being bullied. And to also let the victim know that they can stick up for themselves too!

My heart is still breaking while I think that there are kids in our own neighborhoods that are going hungry and it's not due to lack of funds. It's lack of parenting. How do you fix that? How do you save the ones who don't deserve this one bit?

My goal, scratch that, desire is to take the kids on a missions trip to help out at an orphanage. To see what it's like to help a ton of other kids who appreciate it SO much. To see what it's like to have nothing and still be happy. I look forward to that day.


Brandi Dawn said...

oh my word...your kiddos say the funniest things. I read the one about brodie and the B-sack to a girl i work with and we both laughed a lot.

I am very proud of Brodie for confiding in you and Aaron about the child he goes to school with. He is growing up and becoming a little man to be very proud of.

Anonymous said...

I want you to post more conversations with your kids :)