Sunday, March 28, 2010

Braggin' on my hubby!

Ok so this JJ girl is my new favorite. I could listen to her for hours. I listen to her while I clean. While I read. While I cry. Love her.

This song is so touching to me. I'm very lucky to have a husband who truly loves me for ME! How amazing is a love like that?!? He loves me so much that:

-He lets me sleep in almost every Saturday and takes care of the kids until I'm ready to roll my booty out of bed. He knows how much I treasure my sleep and he treasures me getting my sleep too I think... ;)

-When I started to vacuum the other night, he snuck into the master bath and started ripping it apart! What?!? Is this love?? Actually yes because he knew how much I wanted it painted and new fixtures. He even surprised me by bringing home tile for above the shower. Love. It.

-He lets me read the Sunday paper first every Sunday! He knows I'm anal :)

-He went to Lowe's to get stuff for the bathroom and WITHOUT my knowledge or input, he used a COUPON and bought a bunch of stuff on CLEARANCE! He got lots of kisses for that one!

I am so lucky to be his wife! I couldn't have smiled any bigger a few Sundays ago when he took the next step in his faith and got baptized. It was awesome!

His grandpa had been very sick for the last month or so. Cancer is an ugly word. Well Wednesday, Aaron's family shared with his grandpa that he was going to be baptized and he gave a thumbs up and a wink [his signature code for approval since communication was limited]. Well he passed away last Friday while we all sat around his bed singing worship songs to him and through the tears we talked about how proud he was of Aaron and how this is the only way he was going to be able to watch Aaron's baptism. I feel so honored to be a part of Aaron's Christ-loving family and we know without a doubt in the world that Grandpa Cliff is in Heaven! He even gave a big smile right before he went to see Jesus! We're positive he saw the angel who was ready to take him :)

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